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St. Luzi chapel

The St. Luzi chapel is situated at an altitude of about 900 metres, about 45 minutes on foot from the old town of Chur on a hiking trail in the direction of Mittenberg. It is located within a rock grotto and forms a picturesque but also wild place of peace and reflection. It is under the patronage of Luzius of Chur and is owned by the St. Luzi Seminary of the Chur Theological University.

Hikers can climb up to Mittenberg, to the village of Maladers or further up to Fürhörnli or even Montalin. Experienced bikers appreciate the technical descent from the Mittenberg via St. Luzikapelle into the valley.

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St. Luzi chapel

Wanderweg Churer Altstadt - Mittenberg
7000 Chur

Source: Chur Tourismus

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