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Chur Rhine valley

Playground Domat/Ems

 Spacious playground with fireplace, table and benches. 



City bus line 1 to Domat/Ems, get off at stop Plarenga. Walk back to the roundabout and turn south towards the forest (5 minutes).


Directions by bicycle: From Chur via Rossboden - cross Rhine bridge towards Felsberg - back across the Rhine and the motorway, turn right straight after the bridge. Follow the dirt road to Domat/Ems. Turn left as you get to the village.


Directions by car: On the main road from Chur to Domat/Ems - turn left at the first roundabout in the village. Parking available.

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Playground Domat/Ems

7013 Domat/Ems

Source: Chur Tourismus

Chur Rhine valley

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