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Chur Rhine valley

Rhine Gorge (Ruinaulta)

What began as the Flims landslide has now become a unique natural backdrop: 10,000 years ago, 10 billion cubic metres of rock thundered into the valley. Since then, the Rhine has carved a path through the bedrock between Ilanz and Reichenau. The result is a ravine that is justly referred to as the Swiss Grand Canyon. The bizarre stone formations bordered by pine tree captivate train passengers, ramblers, mountain bikers and river rafters from around the world. 

Several panorama platforms along the forge, such as "Il Spir" in Conn or "Zault" near Bonaduz allow for breathtaking views over the Rhine gorge, called "Ruinaulta" in Romansh. The Rhine Gorge lies just outside the gates of the Alpine City, easily accessible from Chur by public transport.

Rail journey through the natural monument    

The Rhaetian Railway travels through the middle of the Rhine Gorge and offers spectacular views - comfortably from the railway car. The world-famous "Glacier Express" panorama train also crosses the gorge on its route between Chur and Zermatt. 


Rhine Gorge Ticket

The Rhine Gorge Ticket is your ideal companion for exploring the natural monument. In the woods and along the river, a dense network of hiking trails, various bike tours and comfortable resting places await you. Get off at any stop to go hiking, biking or simply to enjoy yourself. The Rhine Gorge Ticket entitles you to any trip with the Rhaetian Railway and Postbus in and around the Rhine Gorge (between Chur and Ilanz).

Cycling & Mountain biking

Also for cyclists and mountain bikers there are several paths and trails ready to be discovered. 

Bicycle route


Mountain bike tours


graubündenPass Bike

With the graubündenPass Bike, bikers and cyclists benefit from free travel on the Rhaetian Railway and post buses through the whole canton of Graubünden. You can transport your bike flexibly and simply load and unload it yourself.

River rafting and water sports

Gliding through the Rhine Gorge on the Vorderrhein is a fascinating experience. Rapids alternate with calmer sections of the river. However, the landscape in the Rhine Gorge is breathtaking throughout. The section runs between Ilanz and Versam to Reichenau and is one of the most beautiful stretches in Switzerland. Various providers offer tours with rafting boats, canoes and canadians, pack rafts, funyaks and hydrospeeding. 


Viewing platforms and barbecue sites  

On several viewing platforms you can enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the Rhine Gorge.


Beautiful barbecue areas invite you to make a comfortable stop on your hike or bike tour.

Further information

Rhine Gorge (Ruinaulta)

Source: Chur Tourismus

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