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The "Mühleturm" tower - Switzerland's largest wall painting

For more than two months, the Grison artist Fabian „Bane“ Florin and his team created the largest wall painting in Switzerland at the mill tower “Mühleturm” in Chur. After more than 100 kilograms of primer, 200 kilograms of paint and more than 300 hours of work on the object, a „lighthouse“ over forty meters high was created, from which’s inside a huge crystal shines out. With the completion of the mural, the project, which was initiated and sponsored by the city of Chur, is now officially completed.

Iceland as mirror of one's own homeland

Fabian Florin came up with the idea for the subject not on a drawing board in a studio in Chur, but in Iceland, 2500 kilometers away. „During a trip through Iceland, I was fascinated by the raw, archaic nature. The more I got to grips with the environment, the earth, the stones in Iceland, the more I realized what an incredible nature we were given in Graubünden,“ says Bane. The respect for time grew as a result of the intensive interactionwith the rock. Time, which is able to extract treasures from the Grison nature. Treasures such as the oldest local gemstone: Grison Cristal. „The oldest city in Switzerland, represented by the oldest Grison gemstone - the picture in my mind‘s eye fitted perfectly,“ Florin continued.

A place of power and guide at the same time

After „10 years in exile “, Fabian Florin has created with this creative landmark a composition in his hometown in which the crystal in the cave symbolizes the energy slumbering in all of us. On the other hand, Florin has built a lighthouse to show travelers the way and provide safety for those returning home.

The artist: Fabian Florin

Fabian "Bane" Florin, born in 1982 in Chur, has carried his art around the globe in recent years. Florin's works have shaped the urban world from the Mediterranean to Asia. Bane focuses above all on the constant further development of his work, which is fuelled from picture to picture by the experience gathered worldwide. Bane lives and works independently in Zurich in the fields of graffiti, airbrush and tattoo.

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