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Flexible Snowshoe & Crossblades rental

Snowshoeing at the Dreibündenstein between the three areas Chur/Brambrüesch, Feldis and Pradaschier is very comfortable thanks to attractive round trip tickets. Thanks to a flexible rental concept, you also do not need to carry the material with you.

Flexible rental of snowshoes and crossblades is possible at the stations listed below; high-quality TSL snowshoes (Symbioz Taxi model), Crossblades (snowshoes for skiing) and poles can be rented at one station and returned to another. This makes snowshoeing on the Dreibündenstein even more comfortable.


Rental stations for flexible rental

Rental tariffs

  • CHF 20 per day (snowshoes and poles)
  • CHF 30 per day (Crossblades and poles)
  • CHF 15 per day (snowshoes only)
  • CHF 25 per day (Crossblades only)
  • CHF 5 per day (poles only)

Other snowshoe shops in the region

Crossblades - snowshoes for skiing

The Snowshoe Arena Dreibündenstein is an official partner of Crossblades. With Crossblades you can ascend comfortably in deep snow as with snowshoes, but then you have the advantage that you can also ski - on the slopes, in powder or slush snow. And the Crossblades are also suitable for chairlifts and ski lifts. This makes the snowshoe experience on the Dreibündenstein even more comfortable. And the area around Brambrüesch, Pradaschier and Feldis is ideal for Crossblades tours.

Video Crossblades

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