Chur Tourism - The Swiss Alpine City, Graubünden


On tour with the E-Mountainbike

Still waters are deep, they say. Chur likes to stay hidden. The city prefers to leave the spotlight to others, such as world champion Lenzerheide or Traildevil Flims. But Chur is also a secret e-mountain bike tip. In the Passugg Gorge we get to the bottom of the quiet little water before we set off on high flights at Chur's local mountain Brambrüesch.

Pictures: Jean-Luc Grossmann for Spot Magazine

E-Bike charging station «Brambuscenter»
At the Brambuscenter you can recharge your e-bike or mobile phone at a power charging station with 220 volt sockets. 10 sockets are available free of charge, the charging cable must be brought along.
Further information about the E-Bike charging station

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